Welcome to Virtual Paralegal Services.

Our team are professional hardworking individuals. We regard our clients as our most valuable asset to be treated professionally and with respect. With over 28 year’s experience in the legal industry, we are delighted to offer services throughout South Africa, such as:

  • Verbatim transcription of recordings/audio, typing of various Court pleadings and notices.
  • Copy typing services.
  • Ex-parte Applications.
  • Answering/Replying Affidavits.
  • Heads of argument.
  • Chronology.
  • Particulars of Claims.
  • Various Commercial Agreements.
  • Opinions.
  • Various types of Medico-Legal report transcriptions.
  • Inspection in loco reports for insurance, personal, and passenger liability claims.
  • Meeting transcriptions.
  • Verbatim transcriptions on accident reconstruction reports which bear relevance for Insurance Companies and/or testimonies for trials.
  • CCMA transcriptions.
  • Conference recording transcriptions.
  • Research services:

Legal research and case preparation consumes a large part of a legal practitioner’s day because, as complicated and time consuming as the process can be, there is no more effective a way to strengthen an argument in court than with sound case law and precedent referencing. The most basic step in legal research is to find the leading case governing the issues in question and then to begin building your argument around this. Yet in current circumstances, gathering all what legal technology has to offer has become even more important in streamlining legal research.



  • We utilise up-to-date precedents where necessary which are not only efficient but also saves time and money for the client.
  • We use the latest AS7000 Olympus transcription (DSS) software thereby ensuring our clients receive the best quality of transcription from the audio file.
  • Our team are all selected for their high level of speed and accuracy.
  • We provide same day (within 24 hour) service alternatively 48 hours (depending on the urgency of the document to be typed).
  • No instruction is too large nor too small.
  • We provide excellent turnaround time especially if you have a tight deadline.
  • For any Service queries or Information please contact us.
  • Very competitive rates.



Virtual Paralegal would like to suggest useful tips to the client in order to receive high quality and expedient results.

  • Kindly ensure the speaker is close to the recording device as possible for clarity purposes.
  • Kindly ensure your immediate environment is quiet. However should you find yourself in a place that has background noise, please increase the level of your voice to ensure that your audio is recorded with clarity.
  • Once your recordings are complete you can email the audio file to us via e-mail to [email protected].
  • When sending your audio via e-mail we kindly request the client to specify either the urgency or realistic turn around time required.
  • For ad-hoc clients: Once your audio file has been transcribed you will receive your invoice for settlement.
  • Once payment has been received you will then receive your completed document to your nominated e-mail address.
  • For frequent-use clients: Virtual Paralegal are amenable to accepting payment of invoices at month end for the work done during that month.
  • Please Check out Terms and Conditions.